Check your oil and water

by Cooly Autom on June 19, 2010

If you regularly check you oil and water levels then unnecessary damage to your car can be avoided and this is especially important in older cars.

Checking your oil:
* For safety reasons don’t check your oil level when the engine is still hot.
* Take out your car’s dipstick and wipe the oil from it with a rag, then put it fully back, pull it out again and check the oil left on the dipstick.  The oil mark should lie somewhere between the upper and lower limits.  If it is below the minimum mark you need to top up your oil.  The oil reservoir will usually have a screw cap located near the dipstick.  Top up with the correct oil for your car – to clarify the type of oil and the location of your dipstick & oil reservoir refer to your handbook.

Checking your water:
It is important to maintain the water level in the cooling system of your car but be sure the engine has cooled down, otherwise very hot water could spray out as you open the reservoir!  Refer to your handbook for instructions.

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